The7/02/2024 Espace Duesberg

Ioanna Paraskevopoulou

Do we only need instruments to make sounds, to compose music and create harmonies? Rhythm and music are with us every day — without us even noticing. They’re everywhere, and inherent to our world! A coconut cut in half, a washtub full of water, a plunger or tap-dancing shoes… That’s all two performers and orchestrators need to construct real symphonies of noise before us.

With MOS, the Greek choreographer and dancer Ioanna Paraskevopoulou invites the audience to watch the improvisation of a soundtrack on stage. The bodies and movements coexist with everyday objects, diverted from their primary use, to reveal hidden relationships that unite movement, sound, image and narratives.





Concept et chorégraphie Ioanna Paraskevopoulou

Performance Georgios Kotsifakis, Ioanna Paraskevopoulou

Création sonore et support technique Danis Chatzivasilakis

Dramaturgie Elena Novakovits

Création lumière Eliza Alexandropoulou

Création lumière en tournée Eliza Alexandropoulou, Tzanos Mazis

Régie vidéo Konstantinos Asimakopoulos

conception des décors et des costumes Ioanna Paraskevopoulou

création vidéo Ioanna Paraskevopoulou

constructions en bois Miltos Athanasiou

conception de l’affiche Bois Futuri

Photographie Pinelopi Gerasimou, pour Onassis STEGI

gestion de la production Ioanna Paraskevopoulou

gestion des tournées Cultopia & Ioanna Paraskevopoulou

coordination de la tournée Christina Liata (ONASSIS STEGI)

remerciements particuliers à Eleni Tzarou, Thanos Daskalopoulos, Alexandros Tomaras


Support in Touring Onassis Stegi’s “Outward Turn” Programme


  • 20:00 mercredi 07 février
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  • Plein tarif 15 €
  • 65ans+/Carte prof/Groupe10+ 15 €
  • -30ans/Pro/Dem.d'emploi 9 €
  • Groupe scolaire 8 €
  • -15ans 7 €
  • Etudiants Conservatoires Art de la parole 5 €