No dance, no paradise

The12/02/2016 La Halte

Pere Faura

Let us picture Anna Pavlova, Gene Kelly, John Travolta, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and William Forsythe reincarnate one human being to dance their legendary solos from Swan Lake, Singing in the Rain, Saturday Night Fever, Fase and Lectures from Improvisation Technologies. As part of the dancer’s personal history, these five iconic pieces are reinterpreted and recontextualised as a historic and symbolic gesture of recognition and admiration but also as a self criticizing and humoristic exercise over the world of dance and its references. In this bold patchwork, Père Faura is as audacious and seducing in a white tutu, in a black suit or in shorts. As the title Without dance there is no paradise says, the mischievous Catalan dancer, choreographer and showman deserves reaching it with his funny and lively performance which sparks off a reflection over need, influence or absurdity.