On ne badine pas avec l’amour

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Laurent Delvert enthusiastically explores the world of Alfred de Musset and directs Camille and Perdican, two young people whose engagement is announced. But the two fiancés resist. They haven’t seen each other since childhood, since one left for university and the other for the best convent in France. When young and innocent, they loved each other and seemed made for one another. But they have learned and grown and will use the ways in which they have changed to exercise insincerity. Searching for themselves, their jousting is not just verbal, but it is Rosette, a young peasant woman with no education who lives close to nature, that will be the victim of this cruel game.

From 15 years old

Philostory le mercredi 10

AVEC Jérôme Varanfrain, Sophie Mousel, Joël Delsaut, Stéphane Daublain, Pierre Ostoya Magnin, Ninon Brétécher, Alice Borgers, Jean-Michel Vovk
MISE EN SCÈNE Laurent Delvert
DRAMATURGIE Sophie Bricaire
SCÉNOGRAPHIE Philippine Ordinaire
COSTUMES Catherine Somers
CRÉATION SONORE Madame Miniature
RÉALISATION COSTUMES Ateliers du Théâtre de Liège
PRODUCTION Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
COPRODUCTION Théâtre de Liège


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  • 20:00 jeudi 11 février
  • 20:00 vendredi 12 février
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