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D’après William Shakespeare / Aurore Fattier



“Once upon a time there was a beautiful and very valiant Moor in Venice. His prowess and his prudence in the art of war earned him high regard. It turns out that, moved by his courage, a young and noble Venetian named Desdemona fell in love with the Moor, and that, overcome by her beauty, he returned his love to her”. Thus begins the fable of Othello … before Iago spreads murder and infamy in the ear of the Moor. Aurore Fattier gets on with emancipating our reading of the stubborn stigmatisation of foreigners accumulated over generations. In order to inhabit Othello from the inside, she deconstructs the narrative thread, puts it within the focus of contemporary texts, stories of Black slaves and sets it in a Black novel aesthetic. The violent desire that is denatured in a desire for violence is carried by free jazz, video and love songs. Behind the tragedy of jealousy, there is the unbearable fragility of love in the face of the rampage of men.


Subtitle in Dutch on 29/09

With Koen De Sutter, Pauline Discry, Fabien Magry, Vincent Minne, William Nadylam, Nancy Nkusi, Annah Schaeffer, Jerome Varanfrain, Serge Wolf

Musical composition Manuel Roland

Directed by Aurore Fattier

Adaptation and dramaturgy Sébastien Monfè assisted by Daphne Liégeois

Collaboration on adaptation and translation William Nadylam

Assistant to the director Lara Ceulemans

Costumes Prunelle Rulens

Video Vincent Pinckaers

Light Matthieu Ferry

Scenography Sabine Theunissen in collaboration with Simon Detienne

Sound Jean-Maël Guyot

Realization of sets and costumes Ateliers du Théâtre de Liège

Solarium show asbl

Production Theater Liège, DC & J Creation with the support of the Tax Shelter of the Federal Government of Belgium and Inver Tax Shelter

Co-productions Theaters of the City of Luxembourg, Namur Theater, Mars – Mons Performing Arts, KVS, Bonlieu – National Scene of Annecy, Les Célestins – Lyon, TNT – National Theater of Toulouse

Aurore Fattier is welcomed in companionship at the Théâtre de Liège (2018-2022)


+/- 3h30 (avec entracte)
  • 16:00 dimanche 23 septembre
  • 19:00 mercredi 26 septembre
  • 20:00 jeudi 27 septembre
  • 20:00 vendredi 28 septembre
  • 19:00 samedi 29 septembre
  • 19:00 mercredi 03 octobre
  • 20:00 jeudi 04 octobre
  • 20:00 vendredi 05 octobre
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