Passions humaines

The13/10/2015 cultuurcentrum, Hasselt

Guy Cassiers / Toneelhuis

At the end of the nineteenth century, Jef Lambeaux sculpted his colossal relief called Human passions, which was very controversial among conservative spheres. This work of art is at the centre of the play, which gathers French-speaking and Dutch-speaking actors. The text written by Erwin Mortier is to be seen as a great historic fresco wherein the talented director Guy Cassiers repaints a portrait of Belgium made up of maneuvers, desire, cheating and human passions.

In french

Playwright Erwin Mortier

Director Guy Cassiers

With Katelijne Damen, Tom Dewispelaere, Kevin Janssens, Marc Van Eeghem, Claire Bodson, Thierry Hellin, Vincent Hennebicq, Serge Larivière, Muriel Legrand, Candy Saulnier, Jorre Vandenbussche


Producer Toneelhuis

Co-producer Théâtre National, Fondation Mons 2015, le manège.mons, Stad Antwerpen