Phasme + Sillon

The18/02/2016 Espace Saint-Mengold

Fré Werbrouck

For the first part of the performance, the company D’ici P. based its work on paintings of the Belgian artist Michaël Borremans. The woman who draws herself in Phasme and who is extremely well interpreted by Lise Vachon, is a timeless character whose history and inner self come out piece by piece. A woman full of contradictions, who is free and imprisoned, still and moving, all at the same time. Movements to fill the void, to fill time and to let us hear this endless wish to live. Sillon, the second part of the show but the first part of Variations sur l’immobile, is a masterpiece composed by Boris Gronemberger and beautifully interpreted by the wonderful dancer Sara Sampelayo Fernandez. In only 17 sensitive minutes, Fré Werbrouck succeeds in creating a weightless style, made of fragmented and very light movements, clouded sounds, broken rhythm, silence and whispers. A suspended moment, in which the image and the movement, as well as time and beings mix and form a whole.