The5/03/2018 Théâtre de Liège

We never stop to wonder how to live together. We never stop trying to communicate, despite (or through) our differences.

How to build a common space? What social norms determine this space?

And what types of experience do these standards allow?  

Far from being talkative animals hiding behind their feathers, philosophers also know how to get wet, analyze situations, deconstruct representations, create new ones and work to highlight the issues of our time.

The 2017-18 season will be the occasion for new thought experiences between artists and theoreticians: we will show how the space of the active scene transforms and highlights essential concepts of philosophy (time, image, other, violence, crisis).  


Monday 5th of March at 7 pm

Around Clément Thirion’s show: “Mouton noir” (Alex Lorette) With Gregory Cormann, Jerome Englebert, Antoinette Rouvroy & Clement Thirion.