Sa prière + Horion (work in progress)

The1/02/2016 Centre Culturel de Chênée

Malika Djardi

This solo performance is based on Malika Djardi’s mother’s Islamic faith and her praying. The choreographer has used interviews with her to create a kind of “documentary” solo. With a natural intimacy, moments from her family life and her own are uncovered as an interrogation of both prayer and dance. The performance becomes an exploration of the zone where, if paths are different, mother and daughter are both inhabited by rituals, repetitive moves, the relation between what is visible and what is not, by the one between what is concrete and what is not. By the sense of commitment, by the quest of changing things. At the end of the show, Malika Djardi and the percussionist Nestor Garcia Diaz will present a piece of her new work, Horion, using the topic of the “hit” as a rhytmic and energetic load or unload but also as a poetic inspiration.