Median + Haptic (Soirée composée)

The23/11/2019 Salle de la Grande Main



From the global avant-garde of the audio-visual scene, the Japanese artist Hiroaki Umeda combines choreographic writing, computer code, sound and visual composition in a kind of global language. For his solo Median, he is inspired by the observation of living cells with infinitesimal structures and their kinetic energy. In Haptic, Hiroaki Umeda plays on the associations between chromatic prism and emotions. He interprets the physical aspect of the perception of colour to give substance to the relationships he has with dance.


Choreography & Dance Hiroaki Umeda
Sound & Lighting Design S20

Production S20
Coproduction Théâtre de Nîmes, Festival d’Automne à Paris



Choreography & Dance Hiroaki Umeda
Image Direction S20
Image Programming Shoya Dozono, Gabor Papp
Video Editing Guillaume Gravier
Sound & Lighting Design S20

Production S20
Production Management Suzuko Tanoiri (S20)
Executive Production [H]ikari Production
Coproduction Stereolux (Nantes, France)


  • 21:00 samedi 23 novembre
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  • Tarif plein 20 €
  • 65+/Carte prof FWB 18 €
  • -30/Pro/Demandeur d'emploi 11 €
  • -15 7 €