The7/02/2020 Salle de l’Œil vert

Lino Merion & Seuch {Saint-Denis, La Réunion}

Première belge

Lino Merion and Salim Mzé Hamadi Moissi, known as “Seuch” are dancers; one is from La Réunion and the other from Comoros. Both of their artistic paths, which have shone in their own countries and internationally, are expressed through the krumping they are trying to popularise. Krumping, which started in the 90s in the poor districts of Los Angeles, in a context of gang warfare, is an energetic and highly expressive urban dance that conveys the principles of respect and living together. After creating pieces solo, the two artists brought their talents together to offer a reflection on their journeys, their Somin of life. This joint performance is a deeply sincere account of their anger, hopes, doubts and experiences. The duo, their bodies locked in dialogue, are taken over by a liberating, explosive and generous trance. A highlight of the festival.

Chorégraphes et interprètes Lino Merion et Salim Mzé Hamadi Moissi
Compositeur Davy Sicard et Socko lo kaf
Dramaturge Pier Lamandé
Créateur lumière Yannick Hébert
Chargée de production Cindy Merion
Coproduction TÉAT Réunion, Théâtres départementaux de La Réunion


  • 19:00 vendredi 07 février
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  • Tarif plein 15 €
  • 65 ans et + Professeurs Fédération W-B Groupe 10 pers. min. 15 €
  • - 30 ans Demandeurs d’emploi Professionnels du spectacle 9 €
  • Abonnement à partir de 3 spectacles 15 €