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Jean-Marie Piemme / Antoine Laubin

Here are six writers gathered for a work session. They are writing together the pilot for a new TV series which tells the story of Max, a communist German worker who works in Seraing (Liège) in the 1930’s. In Third Reich Berlin, he falls in love with an actress, a Jewish actress who exiles in Stalin’s Russia. Three writers come from Belgium, the others from Germany. The WWII winners’ and losers’ heirs are trying to write together yesterday’s and even today’s European history. In spite of their 35-year age difference, the Belgian author Jean-Marie Piemme and Antoine Aubin, who conceived, adapted and directed the play, have been in contact for 10 years. Is Szenarios, this new fictional text which speaks about storytelling, going to tell stories or History? Will our need for storytelling crush present day’s stories? What does our present tell about our past? How will the authors tell the heritage of flight, defeat and shame?

In English, French and German, surtitled in French


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Author Jean-Marie Piemme

Translator (German) Heinz Schwarzinger

Translator (English) Mirabelle Ordinaire

Creator (adaptation), director and scenic designer Antoine Laubin

Playwright Thomas Depryck and Charlotte Orti von Havranek

Assistant director Max Hanisch

Technical director Ralf Wrobel and Gaspard Samyn

Producer Cora-Line Lefèvre

Broadcaster Habemus papam

With Caroline Berliner, Andreas Bißmeier, Coraline Clément, Antoine Laubin, Jérôme Nayer, Oliver Simon, Renaud Van Camp, Rika Weniger.


Producer De Facto

Co-producer Staatstheater de Braunschweig (Allemagne), Théâtre de Liège.

With the support of LOT-Theater (Allemagne).

With help from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles / Service Théâtre.





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