The Past

The3/02/2016 Salle de la Grande Main

Constanza Macras

Coming from Buenos Aires and living in Berlin, the choreographer Constanza Macras explores in this performance the ars memoriae – the art of memory. But emotions from the past, old age and oblivion are embedded in the insolent energy of her work. She chooses the emblematic Berlin to take us through a series of powerful images in which she questions our capacity to socialize in a crazy and unstable environment. Eleven amazing dancers brilliantly mix theatre, dance and singing on Oscar Bianchi’s original live music. They explore urban locations as if they were instruments which can rewrite History and contribute to overcome our former wounds. The individual and global events are read like fragments from a constant cycle which makes us spin through time. This happy moving crazy energetic performance appears to be a precious elixir bucking us up.