Vai e passa

From28/01 on29/01/2016 Salle de l’Œil vert

Erika Zueneli

Freely inspired by Virginia Woolf’s book The Waves, Vai e passa is a race to the sun which conveys extreme tension between the world’s frenzy and life’s fleeting character. In a simple and abstract context, the play evolves towards perpetual movement made of appearances and disappearances. Five dancers struggle against time and uncertainty. One life, several lives. One way, a thousand ways, which are different and alike, underline a sense of emergency in its continuity. For those who may come after us.


  • 19:00 jeudi 28 janvier
  • 19:00 vendredi 29 janvier
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  • Tarif plein 19 €
  • Tarif réduit (senior, prof, groupe) 15 €
  • Tarif réduit (-26ans, demandeurs d'emploi, pros du spectacle) 8 €
  • Passeport 10 €