Vanishing Point

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Alexandros Vardaxoglou & Dafin Antoniadou {Athens}

The bodies of Alexandros Vardaxoglou and Dafin Antoniadou are united in a suffocating embrace, creating a tormented, shape-shifting being that seems to come from a nightmare. Their limbs stubbornly explore the potential for coexistence, while their heads observe, lash out and seek ways to reassert their individuality. Set against a backdrop of electronic music score – by Constantine Skourlis and Stephan Richter – and vibrant, shifting lights, spider-like motions, bursts of movement and micro-movements indicate the ambiguous struggle that the two performers are subjected to in equal measure. The scene becomes a mirror of existence, reflecting our deepest fears coupled with images drawn from the human condition. This powerfully poetic and creative duet, which requires a great deal of physical intensity, introduces us to a world that lies somewhere between an imagination steeped in symbolism and a sombre reality.

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Concept Dafin Antoniadou, Constantine Skourlis, Alexandros Vardaxoglou

Chorégraphie Alexandros Vardaxoglou, Dafin Antoniadou

Musique Constantine Skourlis, Stephan Richter

Conception des costumes Christina Lardikou

Conception des lumières Yiannis Kranidiotis

Construction des costumes Solo Victoria

Opérateur lumière Vangelis Mountrichas

Son Nicholas Kazazis

Production Onassis STEGI, Athens

Soutenu par Bedouin Records et Rēs Ratio Network

Production & Touring Management Delta-Pi


Vanishing Point est présenté avec le soutien d’ONASSIS STEGI – «Outward Turn» Program


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