Wind Avatar

From9/11 on04/01/2020 Salle des pieds Légers



Wind Avatar is part of a vast trilogy on which the American researcher (MIT & School of the Art Institute de Chicago) based in Brussels, Ahmed Haseeb, works. Produced in collaboration with Dr. Béatrice de Gelder from the Brain and Emotion Laboratory at the University of Maastricht, Wind Avatar creates a direct link between expressive body movement patterns and wind turbulence patterns. It allows us to literally inhabit the wind and its unbridled freedom. A wind tunnel system developed with the Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (Belgium) personifies the wind and allows its expressions to be controlled. The search for technological poetry.

Les expositions sont accessibles les soirs de spectacle avant la représentation, et aux heures d’ouverture de la billetterie du mardi au samedi de 12h à 18h.


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