AMORE (Amour)

From28/04 on29/04/2022 Salle de la Grande Main

Pippo Delbono

After the acclaimed creations Vangelo and La Gioia, Théâtre de Liège brings Pippo Delbono back to Liège in 2022, this time with his latest creation Amore. Anyone who has ever witnessed one of his completely unique, loving and punk performances will understand why.


How do you bring something as delicate and all-encompassing as Love to the theatre? Pippo Delbono makes a brave attempt in Amore. He uses Portugal as his starting point for this effort: a country steeped in imagery of intense melancholy. A country that carries a subtle softness in its language and music, which you can’t help but understand as a form of respect for the frightful feeling that love can be.


Pippo Delbono gathered together his trusty group of travel companions again for Amore, but he also invited them to encounters with others in Portugal. He introduces them and you to these crossroads of traditions, cross-pollinations, the ultimate place for métissage, filled with hospitality and openness.




Une création de Pippo Delbono

Avec Dolly Albertin, Gianluca Ballar, Margherita Clemente, Pippo Delbono, Ilaria Distante, Aline Frazão, Mario Intruglio, Pedro Jóia, Nelson Lariccia, Gianni Parenti, Miguel Ramos, Pepe Robledo, Grazia Spinella

Musiques originales de Pedro Jóia et de compositeurs variés

Décor Joana Villaverde

Costumes Elena Giampaoli

Lumières Orlando Bolognesi

Conseiller littéraire Tiago Bartolomeu Costa

Son Pietro Tirella

Chef machiniste Enrico Zucchelli

Responsable de projet au Portugal Renzo Barsotti

Responsable de production Alessandra Vinanti,

Organisation Silvia Cassanelli

Administrateur de compagnie Davide Martini

Directeur technique des tournées Fabio Sajiz

Equipe technique en tournée Pietro Tirella/Giulio Antognini (son), Elena Giampaoli (costumes), Orlando Bolognesi/Alejandro Zamora (lumière), Enrico Zucchelli/Mattia Manna (décor)

Assistante volontaire au Portugal Susana Silverio

Traduction surtitrage Marie Galey

Producteur exécutif Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione – Teatro Nazionale

Coproducteur associé São Luiz Teatro Municipal – Lisbonne, Pirilampo Artes Lda, Câmara Municipal de Setúbal, Rota Clandestina, República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes (Portugal), Fondazione Teatro Metastasio di Prato (Italie)

Coproduction Teatro Coliseo, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Buenos Aires et ItaliaXXI – Buenos Aires (Argentine), Comédie de Genève (Suisse), Théâtre de Liège (Belgique), Les 2 Scènes – Scène Nationale de Besançon (France), KVS Bruxelles (Belgique), Sibiu International Theatre Festival/Radu Stanca National Theater (Romania).
Avec le soutien de Ministero della Cultura (Italie)


  • 20:00 jeudi 28 avril
  • 20:00 vendredi 29 avril
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