Exhibition Eric Derkenne

From27/09 on10/12/2015 Salle des pieds Légers

The MADmusée is a guest at the Théâtre de Liège

Located in the heart of the Parc d’Avroy in Liège, the MADmusée is an institution which was created by the association Créahm (Créativité et handicap mental, asbl). It houses a very unique collection which belongs to the field of the Art Brut Contemporain. The location of the MADmusée is being remodelled, so it has the occasion to organise exhibitions outsides its walls and share its work specificity in other places and with other publics. The mix made by music and theatre is born out of a mutual curiosity, of the closeness between both artistic approaches built on the reality, and out of their common willingness to share their art with everyone.


Eric Derkenne (Stavelot, 1960 – 2014) worked in La « S » Grand Atelier in Vielsalm for 15 years. He suffered from trisomy and could not speak to express himself.

First, he worked on big coloured formats and, over the years, using only a BIC pen, he built a precise and immutable method: he drew circles and streamers on a white sheet, giving birth to enigmatic portraits. Eric Derkenne executed this slow and repetitive work with the greatest precision.

Vernissage on Sunday 27.09 at 1pm

This exhibition was shown in the Galerie abcd in Paris (France) and in the Collecion de l’Art Brut in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Exhibition curated by Gustavo Giacosa, independent curator, comedian and director


The educational service offers different visit alternatives for this exhibition for individuals, schools, associations…Activities are also organised inside the schools!

Please contact us: anne-sophie@madmusee.be

MADmusée : info@madmusee.be –www.madmusee.be – 04 222 32 95




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