Festival Atlas of Transitions

From9/03 on14/03/2020 Théâtre de Liège

Atlas of Transitions- Creative Europe is a European project (2017-2020) supported by the theatres, contemporary art centres, cultural organisations and universities of seven countries: Italy, Albania, Belgium, Poland, France, Greece and Sweden. The project imagines new perceptions of the public space and unifying means of interactive cohabitation between citizens and newcomers. In March 2020, Théâtre de Liège dedicates a festival that questions migratory realities through a rich and varied programme of:

  • theatre, notably welcoming the remarkable Hierarchy of Needs from the Swede Matthias Anderson or Z’oiseaux, a delicate piece aimed at a young audience by the French company Les Petites Boites,
  • themed conferences in line with the programme, co-organised with the CEDEM – the University of Liège’s Centre for the Study of the Ethnicity of Migrations.
  • meetings-readings of authors sensitive to these issues,
  • an exhibition,
  • workshops led by the Théâtre de Liège for several years with the Maurice Destenay, Liège Atlas schools and associations such as la Bobine or Monde des Possibles,
  • discussions in collaboration with the CNCD 11.11.11 – National Centre for Development Cooperation

and many other events so that this festival is both the reflection of our thoughts and a real moment of sharing.



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