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From17/10 on29/10/2017 Théâtre de Liège

Auteur & Metteur en scène
Compagnie Unetelle

Originally from Buenos Aires, Rafael Spregelburd is a playwright, director, producer and actor. Founder of the company El Patrón Vázquez, his theatrical universe tries to clear unknown territories. We discovered his hybrid work, mixed and polemic thanks to Marcial Di Fonzo Bo who rides it in France. From the outset seduced by this new wind allergic to fashion and labels, Serge Rangoni sends the pieces to the Compagnie Transquinquennal accurately estimating the compatibility of the two universes. The Théâtre de Liège then welcomes La Paranoïa, which was staged by the infectious Trio des Lucioles, La Estupidez, staged by the Compagnie Transquinquennal, and finally receives Rafael Spregelburd in his former bosom for the presentation of the fruit of his workshop of the École des Maîtres in 2012. Today, we dedicate a great time to it with three of his plays: Spam, Philip Seymour Hoffman, for example and Fin de l’Europe, ambitious editing, to be seen twice or a drama, staged by the author and concretizing his work at the School of Masters.


Raphael Spregelburd / Hervé Guerrisi ( 17 > 28/10)

Philip Seymour Hoffman, par exemple

Rafael Spregelburd / Transquinquennal ( 17 > 21/10)

Fin de l’Europe

Rafael Spregelburd (25 > 29/10)




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