Initial Anomaly

The18/02/2020 Centre Culturel de Huy

Louise Baduel & Leslie Mannès {Brussels}

Coprésentation Centre Culturel de Huy

After System Failure and Human Decision, the choreographers and dancers Louise Baduel and Leslie Mannès use this final opus to conclude their trilogy about the impact of new technologies on our everyday lives. Inspired by transhumanist theories, the four protagonists confront the idea of their death and imagine an AI programme that is responsible for creating their posthumous shows. A complex algorithm, fed with scenarios from films, science-fiction series, songs and choreography selected by the team – would this be capable of replicating the company’s fingerprint?
Drawing on a variety of effects – both visual and sound effects – a string of joyous and theatrical speculations and some playful criticism, the foursome depicts humanity while savouring all of
its faults. Smart and funny!

Concept Louise Baduel, Leslie Mannès Création et interprétation Louise Baduel, Sébastien Fayard, Sébastien Jacobs, Leslie Mannès Création lumière
Vincent Lemaître, Leslie Mannès Composition musicale et sonore Thomas Turine, Louise Baduel Création vidéo Louise Baduel Construction décor
Donatien de le Court Production Asbl Hirschkuh Coproduction Les Brigittines, Centre Culturel de Huy Diffusion Bloom project Avec le soutien de la
Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles / Service Danse, Le BAMP, Summerstudios, SABAM, SACD, le Grand Studio, Vat.


  • 20:30 mardi 18 février
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  • Tarif plein 12 €
  • 65 ans et + Professeurs Fédération W-B Groupe 10 pers. min. 12 €
  • - 30 ans Demandeurs d’emploi Professionnels du spectacle 9 €