Peer Gynt

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Henrik Ibsen / Guillemette Laurent

It’s the craziest thing I’ve written,’ confessed Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, who wrote the story of a young man named Peer Gynt, who is unsuited to everything around him, in 1867. The ‘anti-hero’, who is a thug, liar, drunk and opportunist, is banished from his community.

He then leaves to take on the great big world, fails in all his endeavours and invents stories to disguise the reality he is escaping from. With acting coaching by Catherine Salée and Yoann Blanc in the title role, Guillemette Laurent stages the epic of Peer Gynt, with a huge number of characters crossing his path, all played by volunteers from Liège who want to go on the adventure. The trio demonstrates how theatre and identity are made and arise from otherness.

Bord de scène le mercredi 13 après la représentation


Un projet de Guillemette Laurent et Yoann Blanc, avec la collaboration de Catherine Salée

Texte Henrik Ibsen

Mise en scène Guillemette Laurent

Assistanat à la mise en scène Margot Briand

Direction d’ Catherine Salée

Avec Yoann Blanc, Catherine Salée

Et Christelle Breyer, Nastaja Caneve, Arthur Capet, Marilou Capet, Aiko Capet, Suzy Cocco, Lorraine David, Anne-Noëlle Dozot, Dominique Everaerts, Reda Figuigui, Elisabeth Garnier, Eva Giarratana, Guillaume Jousten, Gery Lefebvre, Hadrien Motte, Agnès Motte Dit Falisse, Nicole Mulot, André Pasquasy, Fabrice Raskin, Jean Salee, Vincent Schwartz, Marie Suleau, Samuel Vetro

Trombone Tom Van Antro

Scénographie Christine Grégoire et Nicolas Mouzet-Tagawa

Masques et conseil artistique Stephan Goldrajch

Création costumes Claire Farah et Noémie Warion

Tricot pull de Peer Sophie Patermotte

Création lumière Amélie Géhin 

Création sonore Thomas Turine

Direction technique Nicolas Oubraham/Clara Dumont

Développement et coordination BLOOM Project/Stéphanie Barboteau



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