Picnic Urbain 2019

The8/09/2019 Théâtre de Liège

Now a traditional back-to-school celebration, the urban picnic by Théâtre de Liège celebrates its 6th anniversary with a series of activities for young and old alike. The Bérénice Caravan will be the common theme of this enjoyable multicultural day.

  • Encounter with Abdellah Taïa, a French-speaking Moroccan writer whose quote “When the impossible becomes your key, your light” represents the Theatre’s new season.
  • Concert by ESINAM. Multi-instrumentalist, ESINAM develops music to trancing and hypnotic rhythms and melancholic melodies.




11h à 18h30
  • 11:00 dimanche 08 septembre
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  • Encounter with Abdellah Taïa 5 €