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The6/02/2018 Centre Culturel de Chênée

Compagnie Be Fries {Liège}

The Tremplin identifies Belgian talents, shapes them, and accompanies them toward choreographic creation. Partner of the project, the Theatre of Liège is programming the creation of Be Fries, a crew native of Verviers. Hendrick Ntela, Pierre Anganda, and Stéphane Deheselle (2-time world champion of krump) share the desire to transcend hip-hop by providing it with composite inspirations and sharp techniques. In the first part of the evening, young Liège street dance recruits will demonstrate for you their dexterity.

Be Fries Pierre Anganda, Stéphane Deheselle, Hendrickx Ntela

Création musicale Morf music

Production Lezart Urbains

Coproduction Théâtre de Liège, avec le soutien du Centre culturel de Chênée, du Tremplin Danse Hip Hop et d’Impulsion.


  • 20:00 mardi 06 février
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  • Plein tarif 12 €
  • 65ans et+ 8 €
  • -30ans 8 €
  • Abo 5 spectacles 8 €