IMPACT –  International Meeting in Performing Arts & Creative Technologies

At a time when technologies are increasingly investing society and when art seems to be concerned with the issue of creative technologies and digital cultures, IMPACT is considering placing the performing arts in the field of new technologies, digital and media arts.

The IMPACT project (International Meeting in Performing Arts and Creative Technologies) is based on cooperation between the cultural, research, business and training sectors.

The field of contemporary artistic creation is one of these sectors in which the culture of innovation and disruptive strategies find a favourable ground for their development. The fundamentally transdisciplinary nature of contemporary creation, and of the performing arts in particular, leads us to believe that they can set an example to be followed as part of the development of a global strategy in favour of both social and technological innovation.

IMPACT: Arts, Science and Technology at the heart of the Meuse-Rhine Euregio
IMPACT, a large-scale project led by the Théâtre de Liège with the ambition of fostering cooperation between the artistic, academic and industrial sectors.

From 2016 to 2019, the IMPACT project (International Meeting in Performing Arts and Creative Technologies) has received support from the INTERREG V-A Euregio Meuse-Rhine cooperation programme, Wallonia and the Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft Belgiens.

The main objective of IMPACT was to set up the first a euregional and cross-sectoral cluster for cooperation, research and development, production and dissemination in the field of new technologies and the performing arts.



IMPACT project is at the crossroads of artistic, economic, industrial and academic sector; at the heart of what is now emerging as one of the high growth potential sectors: Creative & Cultural Industries.

IMPACT is taking action on the territory of the EUREGIO Meuse-Rhine between Hasselt, Maastricht, Eupen, Liege, Aachen and Düren.

3 countries, 3 languages, 5 cultures and more than 4 million inhabitants



  1. Develop an art / science / technology pole for production, research and training
  2. Develop cross-sectorial innovation and cross-fertilization in Art/Science/Technologies
  3. Increase the innovative potential of SMEs and research centers.
  4. Developing the growth potential and attractiveness of the cultural and creative industries sector and new technologies (culture as a new market)



The strategies put in place to achieve these objectives are:

  1. Cross-border cooperation
  2. Coss-sectoral & Open Innovation
  3. Innovation through culture
  4. Cross-border mobility
  5. Cross-sectorial learning





Porteurs de projet



  • Begin : juin 2016
  • End : Juin 2019



  • FEDER : 2.543.155,65
  • Co-financing : 1.352.870,06
  • Own means : 1.190.285,59
  • Total eligible costs : 5.086.311,30


The Interreg V-A Euregion Meuse-Rhine (EMR) programme invests almost 100 million euros in the development of the Interreg-region until 2020. This area stretches out from Leuven in the west to the borders of Cologne in the east, and runs from Eindhoven in the north all the way down to the border of Luxemburg. Over 5.5 million people live in this cross-border region, where the best of three countries merges into a truly European culture.

With the investment of EU funds in Interreg projects that are conducted by project partners in the regions, the European Union directly invests in the economic development, innovation, territorial development and social inclusion and education of this region.