Blind + Une Histoire commentée et dansée du hip-hop !

Hendrick Ntela (Aka Hendrickx) - Karim Benbella (alias Kriman)
  • Location : Espace Duesberg

Liège Danse DiverCity comprises four young choreographers from Liège that have been supported through creative residencies and artistic, financial, technical and administrative support from the Théâtre de Liège in recent months, with a view to professionalising their practices.

The Pays de Danses 2022 festival will welcome the final presentation of their projects, after a year of research and fine-tuning.


Hendrick Ntela (aka Hendrickx)

Born in the Congo in 1995, Hendrickx is a freestyle dancer, choreographer and teacher in the One Nation Crew collective (all female and all from the Province of Liège). She practices hip hop, krumping, dance hall, kuduro and afrohouse dancing, among other styles.

Karim Benbella (alias Kriman)

Kriman, an actor, dancer, choreographer, influencer, teacher, musician and presenter, practices hip-hop and breakdancing in both Liège and Dubai. Having trained with Starflam in Liège, he shares their philosophy and their values of passing knowledge on. He runs courses and workshops about urban dance in Belgium and abroad, while running his own company, Planet Entertainment.



Date Hour
Monday, February 7 8:00 pm


  • Tarif plein 10 €
  • Tarif réduit 9 €


Hendrick Ntela (Aka Hendrickx)
Équipe artistique Tony Ndoumba, Israel Ngashi et Benny Benson Aky
En partenariat avec les Lézarts urbains et le Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles
Accueil en résidence CC Verviers

Une Histoire commentée et dansée du hip-hop !
Karim Benbella (alias Kriman)
Équipe artistique Youssef Rherras, Jamel Benchegra, Marcelo Campoccia

The Liège Danse DiverCity project has received support from Un Futur pour la Culture, an action plan for the redeployment of the cultural sector that was launched by Minister for Culture Bénédicte Linar.


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