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The25/01/2016 Salle Vive

Caroline Lamarche

After winning of the Prix Rossel for Le jour du chien, éd. Minuit 1996, Caroline Lemarche has published some novels and short stories for the radio or the stage and some unclassifiable stories, such as Mira (Les Impressions Nouvelles, 2013) or La mémoire de l’air (Gallimard, 2014). She is to organize activities at the reading club 2015-2016 of the Goethe Institut in Liège, on the theme of the crossing of geographical or intimate borders. We strongly recommend reading the books before attending the club.



January 25th 2016

G.Sebald, Les émigrants, translated in French by Patrick Charbonneau, Babel.

The fate of four characters whose life has been turned upside down by their expatriation. A precision worthy of an archivist and an enchanting writing style to solve mysterious disappearances.


March 7th 2016

Marlen Haushofer, Nous avons tué Stella, translated in French by Y. Hoffmann et M. Litaize, Babel.

A wife and mother tells us about the disappearance of Stella, a young girl who stayed at her house. She describes the muffled perversity of a suited family and the devastating effects of hypocrisy.


May 9th 2016
Peter Handke, La femme gauchère, translated in French by G.A. Goldschmidt, Folio.

A wife asks a husband to leave her and their son. His solitude, the learning of a job, his intense and fragile lifestyle and his return to the world are described with terseness which gives a great strength to the book.


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