Sono Pasolini

The13/10/2015 Salle de la Grande Main

Giovanna Marini et le choeur Arcanto
Opening night of the festival Voix De Femmes #12

In Italian, surtitled in French

Giovanna Marini, a musician, singer and ethnomusicologist, is one of the greatest female voices in the field of world music. She was invited in Liège for the first time in 1992, on the occasion of the Festival Voix de Femmes’ second edition.

Her diversified activities made her one of the key figures in the research in Italian popular music tradition and its rendition. In the early 60’s, she met the greatest specialists in these traditions, among whom Pier Paolo Pasolini.

In Sono Pasolini, an actor reads I giovani infelici (the unhappy youth), a posthumous text from Lettere Luterane (Lutheran letters). Giovanna Marina and the choir Arcanto, which is remarkably experienced in the rendition of contemporary music and has been working perfectly for years with Giovanna Marini, listen, sing and comment on Pasolini’s words, not in Italian, which he used for his essays, but in Friulian, his mother’s native language which he studied in depth. On stage, we can see the confrontation between the Pasolinis: the writer, the critic, the essayist, the analyst, the filmmaker and the poet, who speaks about his memories and regrets and who sings “hurrah for the courage, the pain and the innocence of the poor.”

Writer Pier Paolo Pasolini

Sound design Giovanna Marini

Choir director Giovanna Giovannini

Coordinator Gloria Giovannini

Actor and scenic designer Antonello Pocetti


Choir Anna Mele, Francesca Lateana, Silvia Salfi, Gloria Giovannini, Marisa Anconelli, Francesca Bruni, Valeria Giuliani, Giuseppe Gasparre, Fabio Santachiara, Luca Mazzamurro, Giorgio Franceschi, Valerio Bertozzi


Producer Théâtre Argentina, Festival Voix De Femmes, Théâtre de Liège