Festival Emulation

From 19 to 24/03/2019

Energy to satiety, the miracles sparkling with ideas, the verb high, the opinion sliced, the young companies will disembark and storm many rooms in the Burning City!

For here is already the eighth edition of the Festival Émulation, a precious professional lever put at the disposal of the young theatrical guard coming from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The windfall is to be seized also for the public, which will be able to devote its interest and curiosity to the works of the rising generation, while vivifying its appointments with the alive art.

A jury composed of international programmers will award the Emulation Prize, awarded by the Association of Friends of the Theater of Liège.
A second jury, made up of secondary school students from the Province of Liège, will award the Coup de Coeur.


For a week, the Théâtre de Liège gives a voice to young emerging artists and brings to the fore seven of their creations.

Every evening, after the shows, the Festival Emulation afters welcome you from 22h in a festive and relaxed atmosphere.

With the support of the Club des Entreprises partenaires of the Liège Theater

This season

Festival 2018 - 2019

May 2019

Blanche Neige

From15/05 on17/05/2019
Ou la chute du mur de Berlin
La cordonnerie

It is indeed a young Princess, a rival in spite of her stepmother, so it is about, but … But, it is Elizabeth, the “wicked” who tells us her version of the facts humorously.

April 2019

Corps de Textes 2019

From24/04 on29/04/2019
Festival de littérature à travers la ville

Literature festival around the city.

March 2019

Heptaméron, récits de la chambre obscure

From31/03 on04/04/2019
Benjamin Lazar / Geoffroy Jourdain
D’après L’Heptaméron de Marguerite de Navarre et la musique de Claudio Monteverdi, Luca Marenzio, Benedetto Pallavicino, Carlo Gesualdo, Michelangelo Rossi, Biagio Marini

Coming from the distant 16th century, L’Heptaméron is the last piece written by Marguerite d’Angoulême, Queen of Navarre and sister of Francis I.

Char d’assaut

From20/03 on24/03/2019
Simon Thomas

Ridiculous dialogue dotted with dark humour.


From19/03 on24/03/2019

It is already time for the eighth edition of Festival Émulation, a vital professional lever made available by young theatre performers from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

({:}) imprononçable

From19/03 on24/03/2019
Lorette Moreau

({:}) explores the unique geography of the female sex.

Quelques rêves oubliés

From19/03 on24/03/2019
Oriza Hirata \ Camille Panza

In the style of a dream-like story, Quelques rêves oubliés by Oriza Hirata tells the story of a former popular singer, her young assistant and her manager, all three pushed into their renunciations.

Ashes to Ashes

From19/03 on24/03/2019
Zalmen Gradowski \ Simon Wauters \ Agnès Limbos \ Gil Mortio

Agnès Limbos and Simon Wauters give a beat, material and a voice to these souls abandoned in the cogs of hell.

Si c’était un spectacle

From19/03 on24/03/2019
Birsen Gülsu

If the murder of François Ferdinand in Sarajevo was a show, the visible part of the Iceberg?


From19/03 on24/03/2019
Collectif La Station

A nightmare with the smell of chlorine and blood, a modern comedy inspired by Charles Burns, David Cronenberg and… Free Willy.

We should be dancing

From19/03 on24/03/2019
Emilienne Flagothier

In an original piece by Simon Thomas, Tristan and Marceline roam in an empty space reminiscent of a labyrinth.

Sortir du noir

From13/03 on15/03/2019
Mary Jimenez et Bénédicte Liénard

Atlas of Transitions – a new geography for a multicultural Europe – is one of the international projects chosen by the Creative Europe programme.

Ce qui arrive

From12/03 on15/03/2019
Richard McGuire / Coline Struyf

A member of Collectif Mariedl, the producer Coline Struyf, inspired by the narrative structure of the graphic novel Ici by Richard McGuire, tells us the story of a place.

February 2019

Jean Jean

ou on a pas tous la chance d’être cool
Axel Cornil / Valentin Demarcin

In his life just like at school, nothing happens to him or not much and no-one pays him any attention.

Breaking the Waves

From27/02 on02/03/2019
D’après Lars Von Trier, David Pirie & Peter Asmussen / Myriam Muller

Myriam Muller gives us a powerful staging of Breaking the Waves.

We are leaving

From22/02 on24/02/2019
Hanokh Levin / Krzysztof Warlikowski / Nowy Teatr

In this universe that he knows well, Warlikowski injects new, recently proven, emotions and brings out the disillusioned smile of Levin.


Toutes les choses géniales

From19/02 on24/02/2019
Duncan MacMillan / Françoise Walot

Written by Duncan MacMillan, adapted and staged by Françoise Walot, this story, as funny as it is moving, is that of a young boy whose mother makes a big mistake when he is seven.

La vie trépidante de Laura Wilson

From14/02 on16/02/2019
Jean-Marie Piemme / Jean Boillot

With the participation of the musician Hervé Rigaud and three absolutely outstanding actors, Jean Boillot uses the lively and funny piece by Jean-Marie Piemme and produces a spirited, choral and musical show.

Insoutenables longues étreintes

From14/02 on16/02/2019
Ivan Viripaev / Galin Stoev

From different countries, Monica, Charlie, Amy and Christophe, young people with broken dreams, meet in New York.


From5/02 on08/02/2019
Transquinquennal / Marie Henry

Five actors and actresses – a French, a Belgian, a Romanian, a Slovenian, a German – come together to perform a show, all speaking a different language and having nothing in common.

L’École des femmes

From5/02 on08/02/2019
Molière / Stéphane Braunschweig
Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe Paris

There are many male characters in Molière who, haunted by the fear of women, show sickly jealousy, unbridled possessiveness and fear of being deceived.

L’expérience Pi

Pitcho / Jean-Paul Dessy / Musiques Nouvelles

A Belgian actor, rapper and poet of Congolese origin, Pitcho conceived L’expérience Pi.

January 2019

Oh les beaux jours

From29/01 on02/02/2019
Samuel Beckett / Michael Delaunoy

Written in 1960 by the Irishman Samuel Beckett, the piece Oh les beaux jours (Happy Days) is a masterpiece with the language, between apparent simplicity and great evocative power, a rare degree of perfection.

La Salade

From29/01 on02/02/2019
Baptiste Sornin

In machinists’ jargon, faire la salade means restoring order to the stage turned upside down by the events of the previous day.


From22/01 on23/01/2019
Claudio Bernardo / Ballet du Théâtre National de Croatie

Discovered around Lošinj, a Croatian island, the Apoxyomenos was treated mercifully by the sea for two millenia.

Pourama pourama

From17/01 on19/01/2019
Touch me / Taste me / Trade me
Gurshad Shaheman

Amalgamated with history and not hiding anything of the intimate, this hybrid scenic piece oscillates between theatre, performance and sound installation.

Où est Alice ?

From15/01 on19/01/2019
Cie. Paulette Godart

A questioning of the world’s hidden face to, perhaps, come out of eternity…


From9/01 on10/01/2019
Alessandro Sciarroni

Avant-garde Italian artist, performer, choreographer and producer Alessandro Sciarroni develops a hybrid piece combining visual arts and living art.

Les Faux British

From3/01 on05/01/2019
Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer & Henry Shields
Gwen Aduh

Gwen Aduh is responsible for the staging and gives us an honest comedy that gives us all a boost.

December 2018

Les Faux British

Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer & Henry Shields
Gwen Aduh

Gwen Aduh is responsible for the staging and gives us an honest comedy that gives us all a boost.

Pourquoi pas !…

From28/12 on29/12/2018
TOF Théâtre

In the theatre’s grand Noël

Encore une histoire d’amour

From18/12 on22/12/2018
Thomas Gunzig / David Strosberg

A story, beautiful because impossible, to live as to understand.

L’Homme de la Mancha

From18/12 on22/12/2018
Michael De Cock & Junior Mthombeni

With Brussels as the muse, KVS and La Monnaie join forces to breathe new life into this timeless masterpiece.

A Taste of Poison

From11/12 on12/12/2018
Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté

Within the confines of dance and theatre, the new investigation by Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté targets the toxic intrigues affecting our societies.


Auteur & Metteur en scène
Compagnie Unetelle

Les Misérables

Compagnie Karyatides

This theatre piece glows in the subtleties of its art and honours Hugo.

Le Destin

Compagnie Karyatides

A breath of light!

November 2018


Compagnie Karyatides

In the heat of Seville, we find ourselves at the heart of a love story between the soldier, Don José and Carmen, the bohemian.

Madame Bovary

Compagnie Karyatides

Flaubert is here!

Focus Karyatides

From27/11 on07/12/2018
Auteur & Metteur en scène
Compagnie Unetelle

Les Karyatides is fun and full of poetry.

Scapin 68

From27/11 on07/12/2018
Molière / Thierry Debroux

Léandre and Octave’s revolt against their despotic and miserable fathers, their search for financial independence, their desire to choose their fate and life partner freely, echoes the upheavals of May ’68.

Autóctonos II

From21/11 on24/11/2018
Ayelen Parolin

The dancer and choreographer Ayelen Parolin describes her new creation as a quintet of four dancers and one musician.


From21/11 on24/11/2018
Anne-Cécile Vandalem / Das Fräulein (Kompanie)

Following the critical and public success of Tristesses, Anne-Cécile Vandalem continues her Nordic journey.

Five Easy Pieces

Milo Rau

The revenge of the theatre on real, just, poignant and astonishing sensitivity.


From17/11 on18/11/2018
Agrupación Señor Serrano

On a stage designed as a golf green, this microcosm – a poetic reflection of current population movements – is manipulated by three performers using humour and commitment.


From16/11 on18/11/2018
Cie Gilles Jobin & Artanim

A meeting with your avatar!

Fugue VR, réalité mixte

From16/11 on18/11/2018
Yoann Bourgeois et Michel Reilhac

Based on the Myth of Sisyphus, using the music of Philip Glass and watched by ten spectators: mixed reality is waiting for you!

Conférence de Ronan Bouroullec

Auteur & Metteur en scène
Compagnie Unetelle

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec represent an essential part of the Vitra Home Collection which continues to grow.


Wayne McGregor

Gepassioneerd door het menselijke lichaam, werkte choreograaf Wayne McGregor — wonderkind van de dans over het Kanaal — samen met grote baanbrekende genetici die zijn genetische code in kaart hebben gebracht.

Man anam ke rostam bovad pahlavan

Ali Moini

Connected by a network of ropes to a human-sized puppet, Iranian Ali Moini holds a troubling dialogue with said puppet where it is a question of will, violence, anger, affection, loyalty and acceptance.

Les Limbes

Étienne Saglio

A prodigy of new magic, Étienne Saglio is an enchanter of souls.


From8/11 on10/11/2018
Pierre Megos

This Homeric show examines the place of the artist in our neoliberal society and questions the connections between men and machines.


Ulrike Quade Company & Silbersee { Amsterdam }

Imagine that the technology of tip saves you from suffering, aging and to die !


From6/11 on07/11/2018
Jorge León

Responding to the SOS of his colleague Mitra Kadivar in late 2012, the psychoanalyst Jacques-Alain Miller tries, by exchanging letters, to get her released from a psychiatric hospital in Teheran where she is being wrongly held.

To See a World in a Grain of Sand

From6/11 on05/01/2019
Chi-Yung Wong

The Hong Kong artist, Chi-Yung Wong specialises in the design of immersive lighting installations.


From3/11 on20/11/2018


fuse* { Modena }

Het Italiaanse fuse* is actief op het kruispunt van digitale kunst en design.

October 2018

Études / The elephant in the room

From24/10 on27/10/2018
Françoise Bloch / Zoo Théâtre

During an uninhibited work session, looking like a real making of a show, three actors play their own roles as amateur researchers and present, in a series of offbeat conferences, the results of their investigations on the links between the financial sector and the political sphere.

Cocon !

From23/10 on27/10/2018
Dominique Roodthooft / le CORRIDOR

The true story of Judith Scott, a deaf person with Down’s syndrome, and of Joyce, her twin sister. As children, they were separated to allow Joyce, the “normal” sister, to develop properly.

Le Triomphe de l’Amour

From23/10 on27/10/2018
Marivaux / Denis Podalydès / Christophe Coin

A member of the Comédie-Française, Denis Podalydès puts on this comedy by Marivaux, which analyses romantic desire with spirit.

La Gioia

From19/10 on21/10/2018
Compagnia Pippo Delbono

A notorious figure in modern theatre, Pippo Delbono gives us La Gioia, an evocation of the fragility and transience of moments of joy.


From16/10 on17/10/2018
Compagnie du Poivre rose

A magnificent modern circus!

La Musica Deuxième

From10/10 on17/10/2018
Marguerite Duras / Guillemette Laurent

A man and a women fall in love and get married Then they separate.

La Maladie de la mort

From10/10 on13/10/2018
D’après Marguerite Duras / Katie Mitchell & Alice Birch

In this enigmatic book, Marguerite Duras probes her belief that no emotional or sexual intimacy is possible between men and women.

Kamyon (Neujean)

Michael De Cock / KVS

The piece is based on a text by the great Michael De Cock.

Darius, Stan et Gabriel contre le Monde Méchant

From5/10 on07/10/2018
Claude Schmitz

In the form of a satirical-political fable, this show follows the adventures of three characters in terms of marginality.

Kamyon (Bressoux)

From3/10 on06/10/2018
Michael De Cock / KVS

The piece is based on a text by the great Michael De Cock.

September 2018

L’original est signé Vitra

From23/09 on17/10/2018
23/09 - 13:00

Since its residence at Emulation, Théâtre de Liège is entirely furnished by Vitra.

Marguerite Duras

From23/09 on04/10/2018
Marguerite Duras / Isabelle Gyselinx

A controversial figure in the literary and political fields in the 80s, Marguerite Duras is the protagonist of this portrait piece.


From23/09 on05/10/2018
D’après William Shakespeare / Aurore Fattier

Behind the tragedy of jealousy, there is the unbearable fragility of love in the face of the rampage of men.


Place du 20 Août is pedestrianised for the occasion.

Place du 20 Août is pedestrianised for the occasion. Now a traditional back-to-school celebration, the urban picnic by Théâtre de Liège celebrates its 5th anniversary with a series of activities for young and old alike.