Festival Emulation

From 19 to 24/03/2019

Energy to satiety, the miracles sparkling with ideas, the verb high, the opinion sliced, the young companies will disembark and storm many rooms in the Burning City!

For here is already the eighth edition of the Festival Émulation, a precious professional lever put at the disposal of the young theatrical guard coming from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The windfall is to be seized also for the public, which will be able to devote its interest and curiosity to the works of the rising generation, while vivifying its appointments with the alive art.

A jury composed of international programmers will award the Emulation Prize, awarded by the Association of Friends of the Theater of Liège.
A second jury, made up of secondary school students from the Province of Liège, will award the Coup de Coeur.


For a week, the Théâtre de Liège gives a voice to young emerging artists and brings to the fore seven of their creations.

Every evening, after the shows, the Festival Emulation afters welcome you from 22h in a festive and relaxed atmosphere.

With the support of the Club des Entreprises partenaires of the Liège Theater

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Festival 2020 - 2021

April 2021



The gods transform Medusa into a monster that has the power to petrify men who look at her.



Four actors, each speaking in their mother tongue, present a conference on the survey they have dedicated to the far right and youth in Europe.

La Ronde flamboyante

Pièce (il)légitime d’un fils du colonialisme

(Il)legitimate play by a son of colonialism.

C’est pas la fin du monde


Every day, Julie and Cédric receive letters from men and women who are suffering from this new generational malaise, which is caused by the anxiety of seeing humans destroy the earth.

SEXPLAY Nos Panthères Nos Joyaux


In this auto-fictional performance, a young woman doubts, questions and exposes the meandering paths of her desires.

Festival 2018 - 2019

March 2019

Char d’assaut

From20/03 on24/03/2019
Simon Thomas

Ridiculous dialogue dotted with dark humour.


From19/03 on24/03/2019

It is already time for the eighth edition of Festival Émulation, a vital professional lever made available by young theatre performers from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

({:}) imprononçable

From19/03 on24/03/2019
Lorette Moreau

({:}) explores the unique geography of the female sex.

Quelques rêves oubliés

From19/03 on24/03/2019
Oriza Hirata \ Camille Panza

In the style of a dream-like story, Quelques rêves oubliés by Oriza Hirata tells the story of a former popular singer, her young assistant and her manager, all three pushed into their renunciations.

Ashes to Ashes

From19/03 on24/03/2019
Zalmen Gradowski \ Simon Wauters \ Agnès Limbos \ Gil Mortio

Agnès Limbos and Simon Wauters give a beat, material and a voice to these souls abandoned in the cogs of hell.

Si c’était un spectacle

From19/03 on24/03/2019
Birsen Gülsu

If the murder of François Ferdinand in Sarajevo was a show, the visible part of the Iceberg?


From19/03 on24/03/2019
Collectif La Station

A nightmare with the smell of chlorine and blood, a modern comedy inspired by Charles Burns, David Cronenberg and… Free Willy.

We should be dancing

From19/03 on24/03/2019
Emilienne Flagothier

In an original piece by Simon Thomas, Tristan and Marceline roam in an empty space reminiscent of a labyrinth.

Festival 2016 - 2017

April 2017

14 juillet

From23/04 on29/04/2017
Fabrice Adde / Olivier Lopez

Fabrice Adde is already well-travelled around theatre stages and cinema screens, including work with Bouli Lanners (Eldorado) and Alejandro González Iñárritu (The Revenant). In this crazy solo, he plays a conference speaker trying to teach us “How to Speak in Public”.

La Montagne

From23/04 on29/04/2017
Sarah Brahy et Aline Mahaux

A sort of poetic performance on the need to rethink the entire economy, La Montagne is an artistic battle between two actresses, compelled by the urgency of no longer letting their world escape them.

La course

From23/04 on29/04/2017
Une Tribu Collectif

Objects, puppets, a sewing machine, text and music are the elements of a home-made approach telling Eddy’s story. A local hero, he has always ridden his bicycle. In a beautiful and lively group performance, the Tribu Collectif company invents plural theatre; subtle, infinitely creative and full of exquisite poetry.

La convivialité

From23/04 on29/04/2017
Arnaud Hoedt et Jérôme Piron

An iconoclastic and pop approach to the sacrosanct topic of spelling! A new type of show which is taking a risk: two French teachers allow the public to cast a critical eye over spelling, too often used as a tool of discrimination.

C’est quand la délivrance ?

From23/04 on29/04/2017
Laurent Plumhans

His urge to speak out on mass unemployment came about when young director Laurent Plumhans entered the turmoil of the world of work. Presented in the form of interviews for unemployment benefits, and scenes from daily life, the show is tinged with fantasy and portrays a critical point of view of young people on their own terms.

Festival Emulation 2017

From23/04 on29/04/2017

During a week, the theatrical youth


From23/04 on29/04/2017
Le Vlard

It is the idea to create a show about and with the remains of our common history.
It is the will to seize the past to question our time and its violence.

La disparition des Lucioles

From23/04 on29/04/2017
Darpa Collectif

Contemplative Meditation on the Human Condition

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