Side Effects

The6/02/2016 Centre Culturel d’Engis

Anton Lachky

The young dancer and choreographer from Slovakia Anton Lachky places his second performance Side Effects at a time when stupidity is praised and the thirst for monstrosity is everywhere. This surrealistic, rhythmic and very demanding piece takes place in the confused mind of a neurotic woman. The audience witnesses her dreamlike projections, the reality she invents for herself, her connection to others which is structured by schemes which only she can understand. She imposes all these elements on her family and friends and fills her universe with recurring characters, unconscious puppets and passive subjects which all reveal her deep fragility and her great solitude. Anton Lachky will be accompanied by four amazing dancers
with whom he creates an energizing, funny and sometimes disturbing performance.


  • 20:30 samedi 06 février
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  • Tarif plein 12 €
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