Van1/12 tot12/02/2022 Salle des pieds Légers

Christian Rizzo et Caty Olive

Du mardi au samedi, de 14h à 18h & les soirs avant chaque représentation.

Dans le cadre du Festival PAYS DE DANSES


Designed by Christian Rizzo and Caty Olive, this exhibition was created in Lisbon in 1999 and has been touring ever since. Caty Olive created the scenography and lighting design, adapted to the architecture of each venue. About this piece without dancers, the French choreographer Christian Rizzo confides that it emerged from his desire to present a dance in which the human body would be absent: “I wanted to make visible an image of dance that a hypnotic moment of contemplation would lead to an imaginary journey and/or a reflection on absence”. The wind in the curtains at nap time, the idea of one’s own phantoms, and Paul Virilio’s book Esthétique de la disparition inspired the choreographer – who is also a musician and clothing designer – for this dance of air and fabric. The exhibition intersects the artist’s three mediums of expression. It emanates a certain confusion.



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