Closing Party (arrivederci e grazie) – CANCELED

De29/01/2022 Centre Culturel de Chênée

Alessandro Bernardeschi & Mauro Paccagnella {Brussels}

After Happy Hour and El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido, Alessandro Bernardeschi and Mauro Paccagnella conclude with Closing Party (arrivederci e grazie) the final part of their Trilogy of Memory, a.k.a. the Trilogy of the Fifty-somethings. An ending, a shortness of breath, a completion, or even a new departure. Written by four hands, this last part of the trilogy deepens the themes dear to these artists: the passage of time, social bodies and the dance profession, a farewell waltz, blending intimate souvenirs and the collective memory. Moving and ironic, this glitter-free farewell ball balances between Béjart’s Bolero and the Velvet Underground, black wigs and curious dreams, the Mediterranean and notoriety, trainers and tutus. This delicate and inhabited duo offers us a love song to life and, despite conventions, to the fragile beauty of aging bodies.

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Conception et mise en scène Alessandro Bernardeschi

En collaboration avec Mauro Paccagnella

Interprétation Alessandro Bernardeschi, Mauro Paccagnella

Featuring Ares D’Angelo

Lumières & régie Simon Stenmans

Vidéo Stéphane Broc

Son Eric Ronsse

Production Wooshing Machine

Coproduction Les Brigittines, Charleroi danse

Avec le soutien de la Fédération Wallonie- Bruxelles / Service Danse et de la Communauté Française

Remerciements Lisa Gunstone, Fabienne Damiean