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De10/02/2022 Centre Culturel de Welkenraedt

Julien Carlier {Brussels}

This piece, the title of which is a metaphor for the lifestyle that must be followed to be a member of the breakdancing community, sees five young dancers – one girl and four boys – take the floor as part of their artistic training. As part of the training, Julien Carlier’s choreography takes on a ritualistic dimension as it dissects the codes of urban dance, exposing strengths and weaknesses and both physical and psychological mechanisms that are inherent to it. The focus on the individuality and experience of the performers allows us to understand the self-sacrifice of the discipline, its physical discomfort and rigour, the violence of confrontations, the power and unity of the collective, the attempts to rise above and, paradoxically, the search for approval. The energy is communicative, the lighting remarkable, the virtuosity total and the joy of being together absolute.

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Chorégraphie Julien Carlier

Création & Interprétation Fabio Amato, Nouri El-Mazoughi, Benoît Nieto Duran, Jules

Rozenwajn, Audrey Lambert
Dramaturgie Fanny Brouyaux
Musique Simon Carlier
Création lumière Julien Vernay
Scénographie Justine Bougerol
Costumes Marine Stevens
Coaching artistique Helder Seabra

Diffusion BLOOM Project

Un spectacle de la compagnie Abis

Coproduction Théâtre Les Tanneurs, Charleroi danse, Theater Freiburg et La Coop asbl

Production déléguée Théâtre Les Tanneurs

Avec le soutien de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles / Service Danse, de Shelterprod, Taxshelter.be, ING et Tax-Shelter du gouvernement fédéral de Belgique

Avec l’aide du Centre culturel Jacques Franck et Le Grand Studio



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20:00 Boeken
  • 20:00 jeudi 10 février
Centre Culturel de Welkenraedt
  • Plein tarif 15 €
  • 65ans+/Carte prof/Groupe10+ 15 €
  • -30ans/Pro/Dem.d'emploi 9 €
  • Groupe scolaire 8 €
  • -15ans 7 €
  • Etudiants Conservatoires Art de la parole 5 €