M.E.M.M. (Mauvais Endroit au Mauvais Moment)

De5/02/2022 Latitude 50 / Marchin

Alice Barraud {Paris}

M.E.M.M: in the wrong place at the wrong time. This was the case for Alice Barraud, a hand-to-hand and acrobalance acrobat, who was shot in the arm during the attacks of 13 November 2015 in Paris. Now, flying is impossible. However, this circus performer decided otherwise. Accompanied by musician Raphaël de Pressigny (Feu! Chatterton), she tells us, through her body, words and music, about the years spent fighting to regain her passion. The duo leads us through the contradictory consequences of a reconstruction: an explosive dance of inevitable pain and anger, a burlesque in a hospital room, a sometimes overwhelming sense of madness and paranoia, the difficult and gentle integration of a disability, but also – and most importantly – the imagination required to take flight again, to transcend tragedy and allow the beauty and humour to flourish from the chaos.

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De et avec Alice Barraud et Raphaël de Pressigny

Écriture et mise en scène Sky de Sela, Alice Barraud et Raphaël de Pressigny

Création lumière Jérémie Cusenier

Régie lumière Jérémie Cusenier, Thomas Kirkyacharian

Régie Son Wilfried Simean, Hugo Barr

Régie accroches Fred Sintomer

Costumes Anouk Cazin

Constructeur / Ingénieur Robert Kieffer

Photographie et image vidéo Aristide Barraud

Graphisme Sandra Dubosq

Production Délégué Prato – Pôle National Cirque de Lille

Avec le soutien de la Ville de Lille