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Manuel Liñán {Grenade}
  • Duur: 105'
  • Plaats : Salle de la Grande Main

Manuel Liñán has received many awards and is hailed in Spain as one of the new masters of his genre. He represents the avant-garde side of flamenco. Manuel Liñán is surrounded by six other male performers, who are taken over by an electric duende* that dispels everything in its path, starting with gender norms. Everything calls out for authenticity, from the commitment of the dancers to the flamboyant costumes, from the power of the composition to the inspiration from which it was born. Five musicians channel the pure energy that arises from this joyful ode to the freedom to transform and move. Free from the rigid nature of tradition, this queer flamenco rejoices in the plurality of its forms and the uniqueness of each of them, as part of a search for the primitive nature of emotion and renewal of tradition. As the title suggests, life courses through everything!


* Duende: this word has no direct English translation. It refers to moments of grace in which a flamenco artist transcends the limits of their art and achieves a kind of magic that takes them over, creating a similar feeling of enchantment in the audience.


Datum Uur
vrijdag 28 januari 21:00


  • Plein tarif 32 €
  • 65ans+/Carte prof 29 €
  • -30ans/Pro/Dem.d'emploi 16 €
  • -15ans/Etudiants Conservatoires Art de la parole/ULiège/Hautes Écoles / Groupe scolaire 7 €
  • La carte Amis (cotisation 50€) 22.5 €



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Direction artistique Manuel Liñán

Avec Manuel Liñán, Manuel Betanzos, Jonatán Miro, Hugo López, Miguel Heredia, Daniel Ramos, Yoel Vargas

Chorégraphes Manuel Liñán, Manuel Betanzos, Jonatán Miro, Hugo López, Miguel Heredia, Víctor Martin & Daniel Ramos

Musique Francisco Vinuesa, Raul Márquez & Kike Terron

Lumières Alvaro Estrada

Son Enrique Cabañas

Costumes Yaiza Pinillos

Texte adapté de “Juego y teoría del duende” par Federico García Lorca

Guitare Francisco Vinuesa

Chant David Carpio & Ismael de la Rosa

Violon Victor Pitarch

Pronk “Guadiana”

Percussions Kike Terrón


Prix de la Critique du 24e festival de Jerez en 2020


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