J’habite un pays fantôme

From17/01 on22/01/2016 Salle de l’Œil vert

Kenan Görgün

“The world is a village where my village does not exist anymore…I’ll draw my country until I die; this imaginary land which was born from dispossession, will be every country and will only be mine.” On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Turkish and Moroccan immigrations, you will be able to discover the remarkable artistic work of the author and actor Kenan Görgun, between a stand-up and a, interactive conference, directed by Daniel Simon. Immigration, integration, disintegration. Double cultures, double identities. Living together? Living apart? On stage, there are an author and a comedian, a creator and his creature? No, it is a philosophical dispute, a laboratory where identity is lost, deconstructed and redefined before our very eyes.

In French


Director Daniel Simon

With Kenan Görgün and Othmane Moumen.

Producer Théâtre de Liège

In collaboration with Europalia Arts Festival


A scenario project of Kenan Görgün adapted from his own books Anatolia Rhapsody (mars 2014), Rebellion Park (octobre 2014) (edited by the Editions Vents d’Ailleurs) and J’habite un pays fantôme (mai 2014) (edited by the Editions Couleur Livres).


Staged at the Centre culturel de Dison, on Friday October 9th at 8am, in collaboration with Télévesdre which is broadcasting it.