De26/01/2022 Salle de la Grande Main

Louise Vanneste {Brussels}

Within an ecosystem that is recreated on a stage covered in moss and through remarkable lighting variations, Belgian choreographer Louise Vanneste experiments with the sensory listening of those who came before us: algae, roots, ferns and more. Our imagination allows us to connect with things that are different in an empathetic and subjective way. This mental enjoyment spurs our bodies into motion and a choreographic communication is born. The bodies of the four dancers, which are dressed in costumes produced by our workshops, connect, uncoupling from themselves and the world around them in the heat of their stories and the state of the world in the here and now. A sound cue traces the temporality of the piece, which is imbued with the flow of organic, elusive and electric energies that are specific to the images presented, through a single movement. Thanks to bursts of delicate micro-movements, the dance gradually forges a community between people and plants.

Concept et chorégraphie Louise Vanneste

Son Cédric Dambrain

Dramaturge Sara Vanderieck

Scénographie et éclairage Arnaud Gerniers

Chorégraphie et danse Paula Almiron, Amandine Laval, Louise Vanneste, Castelie Yalombo

Costumes Jennifer Defays et réalisation des costumes par l’Atelier du Théâtre de Liège

Collaboration Anja Röttgerkamp

Diffusion, administration et production Alix Sarrade et Andréa Kerr (Alma Office)

Remerciements Jeanne Colin, Lucas Katangila, Katia Petrowick, Jason Respilieux, Jonathan Schatz

Production Louise Vanneste / Rising Horses

Coproduction Charleroi danse, DC&J Création, Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Théâtre de Liège Avec le soutien de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Loterie Nationale, Tax Shelter du gouvernement fédéral de Belgique, Inver Tax Shelter


Louise Vanneste est accueillie en compagnonnage au Théâtre de Liège (2018-2022) et est artiste associée aux Halles de Schaerbeek.