Moving Self-Portrait

De25/03/2022 Liège Guillemins

Mohamed Toukabri + Eyes-B {Brussels}

PRE-OPENING de Pays de Danses

Dancer Mohamed Toukabri and graphic artist Eyes-B will meet you in their alternative photo booth at Liège-Guillemins train station. They invite you to create your own moving self-portrait, a depiction of you that contrasts with the static, neutral nature of a snapshot. You’ll be able to slip into the shoes of a graphic artist and a hip-hop dancer, by combining your body with your choice of rap music, lighting, a camera with long exposure, the light painting technique, a torch used as a spray-paint can and a wall that serves as a space for dancing and writing or drawing your image. When you bring it home, this unique picture will remind you that it’s not appearance that matters, but self-expression!

Concept Mohamed Toukabri

Performance Mohamed Toukabri & Adrien Lobet (Eyes-B)

Production Caravan Production, EUROPALIA Arts Festival


Moving Self-Portrait est lié à The Bastards, une performance de Mohamed Toukabri



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